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Once you pay for your legal advertisement, scan your legal document and email it to You will receive an email receipt for your payment and a reply when your legal ad is received.

Your legal advertisement will appear in the Territorial Dispatch each Friday. The most current issue of each newspaper is posted on the newspaper website by the end of business each Friday. You can check your legal ad by clicking on the Most Current Issue image on the home page of each website.

Territorial Dispatch is Adjudicated For and By the County of Yuba.
Adjudication No. YCSCCVPT 13-0001066 – February 5, 2014.

Type of NoticeTimes PublishedCodeSectionMin.Rate 
Fictitious Business Name4 Weekly
Additional Names
B&PC 17913$125.00
Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name4 TimesB&PC 17922$125.00
Change of Name4 Weekly
Additional Names
CCP 1277$275.00
Notice of Application to Sell Alcoholic Beverages1 Time
2 Times
3 Times
B&PC 23986$85.00
Notice of Death & Petition to Administer Estate3 TimesPC 8120-8125$450.00
Probate Personal Property Sale3 TimesPC 722$225.00
Probate Petition to Lease3 TimesPC 840$255.00
Probate Real Property Sale3 TimesPC 10300$255.00
Will Contest Citation4 WeeklyPC 370$255.00
Withdrawal of Partnership4 WeeklyB&PC 17923$85.00
Dissolution of Partnership1 TimeCorp. C 15035.5$85.00
Notice of Non-ResponsibilityVarious(Minimum Charge)$85.00
Citation re: Adoptions4 WeeklyCiv C 221, 235$250.00
Summons - Civil or Divorce4 WeeklyCCP 415.50$450.00
Summons - Unlawful Detainer4 TimesCCP 1174$225.00
Trustee Sale3 WeeklyCCP 2924f(b)$20/col_in
Lien SaleTBD$20/col_in
Bulk Transfer (Publication Only)1 TimeUCC 6101-7$85.00
Notice of Default4 TimesCC 2924b(d)$300.00
Report of Condition1 TimeFin. C 1935$125.00
Insurance Synopsis5 TimesIns. C 901$250.00
Availability of Annual Return1 TimeIRC 6104(d)$85.00
Personal Property Sales1 Week
2 Week
Sheriff, Commissioner or Marshal's Sale3 or 4 TimesCCP 692, 726$225.00
Copyright Long/Short Version$20/col_in

Open Rate: $20.00 per column inch per publication. Most notices of more than standard length are charged the open rate for the extra length per insertion.