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Display Advertising in printed newspapers:

Carmichael Times - primary zip code 95608
Rancho Cordova Grapevine Independent - primary zip codes 95670, 95655 and 95827
American River Messenger - primary zip codes 95628, 95662 and 95670
Citrus Heights Messenger - primary zip codes 95610 and 95621
Gold River Messenger - primary zip code 95670 (Gold River only)

Other Ways to Advertise your Business:

Place your pre-printed inserts into any of our printed newspapers

Legal Advertising
Place your legal advertising for Sacramento County in the Carmichael Times

Banner Advertising
Advertise on any of our MPG online news sites.

eBlasts-News Alert Advertising
Advertise your business on our emailed News Alerts.

Business Directory and ShopLocalMPG
Advertise your business in our online Business Directory.

Classified Advertising
Advertise in our classified advertising section, both online and in print.

Sponsorship Page Advertising
Advertise your business by buying a "Sponsorship" for an entire page, supported with editorial on your business topic.

Spotlight on Business - Print
Advertise your business with a "Spotlight" a special ad describing your business in our printed newspapers.

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