Support Local Journalism

Support Local Journalism

Thank you for donating to local journalism.

When you donate to our publishing group you are helping to support our local writers, reports and columnists. They work very hard to bring the best content to our printed newspapers for each of our communities and to our web news sites.

Messenger Publishing Group began in 2006 with the launching of the American River Messenger. Over the years, we purchased other local newspapers that could not continue on their own. We bought them with the intent to keep them local, and to serve the communities where they were born.

We truly appreciate any donation amount you can afford to support your local newspaper. Your donation helps us cover the monthly costs of our content and provides income to local contributors who depend on us to keep their writing careers alive.

We do not claim or report donations as such to the IRS for any deductions for those donating. We claim it as straight revenue and income for the company and pay taxes on it at the end of each year. We are a for profit company, but not a corporation.

When you make a donation using our PayPal portal, you will receive an emailed receipt from PayPal. It will say it is from Messenger Publishing Group. We will also get a receipt and we retain a full file for all donations for tax purposes.

If you would also like to subscribe to any of our newspapers, simply go to the Subscribe page and use the regular subscription form. You will receive your first copy via U.S. Mail in about two weeks. It takes about that long for us to get the new information to our mailing house and get you on the list. Some restrictions do apply, as in most cases, we do not accept subscriptions outside of the counties we serve.

Finally, over the years, it has been my mission to give back to each community by supporting local non-profits, service organizations, churches, youth groups, the arts and performing arts, and local causes as much as possible through the efforts of our newspapers. Your support helps to further that mission.

Thank you again for your support.
Paul V. Scholl, Publisher and Owner
Messenger Publishing Group

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