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Publishing Community News for Our Subscribers

Carmichael Times Logo - Web 10.23

Carmichael Times (every Friday)

In Carmichael - $52 per year (by mail only)
In Sacramento County - $62 per year (by mail only)

Citrus Heights Messenger Logo - Web 10.23

Citrus Heights Messenger (every Friday)

In Citrus Heights - $52 per year
In Sacramento County - $62 per year (by mail)


Rancho Cordova Grapevine Independent (every Friday)

In Rancho Cordova - $42 per year
In Sacramento County - $62 per year (by mail only)

The Rio Linda News Logo - Web 10.23

The Rio Linda News (every Friday)

In Rio Linda or Elverta - $42 per year (by mail only)
In Sacramento County - $62 per year (by mail only)

American River Messenger - Web 10.23

American River Messenger, serves Fair Oaks/Orangevale (twice monthly)

In Fair Oaks or Orangevale - $39 per year

West Sac News Ledger Logo

West Sacramento News Ledger (every Friday)

In West Sacramento - $42 per year (by mail only)
In Yolo County - $62 per year (by mail only)

DIxon independent

Dixon Independent Voice (every Friday)

In Dixon - $42 per year
In Solano County - $62 per year (by mail only)

Territorial Dispatch Logo - Web 10.23

Territorial Dispatch, serves Marysville/Yuba City/Foothills (every Friday)

In Marysville/Yuba City - $78 per year (by mail only)
In rural Sutter, Yuba, Nevada County - $88 per year (by mail only)

Gridley Herald Logo - Web 10.23

The Gridley Herald, serves Gridley/Live Oak/Biggs (every Friday)

In Gridley - $52 per year
In Live Oak and Biggs - $62 year (by mail only)
In rural Butte or Sutter County - $72 year (by mail only)

Gold River Messenger - Web 10.23

When You Subscribe to Our Local Newspapers

As one of our subscribers to our local newspaper group, you help us to help others.

When the company began, a big part of the mission was to help many local non-profit groups grow and to get the word out to the community about what they do.

Over the years we have supported many local efforts and have assisted these groups in being a benefit to the communities they serve.

When you pay to subscribe to your local newspaper you are making your neighborhood a better place to live.

Some of the groups and organizations we have supported over the years are;
Local arts and performance groups, foster parenting organizations, teen centers, after school programs for disadvantaged children, homeless support organizations, veterans assistance programs, mental health programs, women’s empowerment programs, society for the blind, high school and college sports programs, local food banks, community-based re-employment programs, girls scouts, boy scouts, Rotary, Kiwanis, Elks, Moose, Soroptomists, senior assistance programs, local Chamber of Commerce organizations, many local churches with their events, special community fundraisers, animal rescue organizations, SSPCA, county fairs, mentor organizations, and much more. These donations and support have now exceeded $1.3 million dollars.

Your ongoing readership and support allow us to contribute back to the many communities we serve. We hope you will continue to be one of our loyal readers.